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A lot of people have been for weight loss,in fact,some of the people p90x3 recipes to worry about getting fat,today introduced the next how to lean people practicing fat. If you choose to exercise at home,may wish to prepare two dumbbells,exercise,recommended to the dumbbell fitness project look: below to getdowntobusiness p90x3 required equipment.How thin people fitness? How to change the constitution,from thin fat.Thin people less muscle less fat,The new supersedes the old.faster,p90x3 routine to eat this kind of people not fat.The effect of muscle increase relatively slowly,fitness training needs long time and adjustment of nutrition tochangethinphysique,life should pay attention to diet,not a partial eclipse eat much food less,do not stay up late, to develop a regular work and rest time.1,p90x3 review amazon fitness training:2-3 parts,each training training the next day,3-4 times a week,with large muscle weekly training attempts to increase training intensity,such as sets of numbers,appropriate to recovery:Keep your best to go to the gym, do not have the feeling of fatigue,sleep 8 hours a day during the day time,feeling of fatigue on the proper rest p90x3 resistance bands,to ensure the training of muscle 2-3 days after the training,the general small muscle group 2 big muscle 3 days.3,aerobic training:Thin people should not be excessive aerobic training,a week can arrange 1-2 aerobic training,running is the best choice, can improve heart and lung function 4,nutritional guidance:Arrange a good diet supplements and accurately is very important.Put into 5-7 times daily acids are indispensable, p90x3 rar the protein and carbohydrate based diet,not picky eaters can meet.Fitness after 2 months can be considered edible muscle powder,increasing muscle powder contains all the nutrients the body muscle growth, high in carbohydrates, helps the muscle weight gain.5,way of life:Should be the law of life,optimistic upward to release the pressure.